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Rose Quartz Tension Melting Facial Massager

Rose Quartz Tension Melting Facial Massager

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A reviving rose quartz beauty roller that deeply kneads the skin and muscles, on par with a luxurious, professional facial massage. Designed for both the face and neck, this powerful tool can help:
  • Sculpt and add definition
  • Release tension and reduce puffiness
  • Firm and tighten the skin over time
How to use:
- Always start with clean skin that has been prepped with skincare product (i.e., a facial oil or rich moisturizer) to ensure that tools can glide on the skin without pulling. 
- Begin with the neck and roll the Tension Melting Massager along the base of the neck and the shoulders. Due to the special shape and angle of the double rollers, you will feel a deep kneading massage.
- Moving to the face, roll the Tension Melting Massager in an outwards and upwards direction across the contours of the face.

Due to natural variations in stone, every facial tool is unique in pattern and color. The stones + crystals we use are authentic and natural.

This product is fulfilled by our friends at Mount Lai and only ships within the United States. To review their return policy, please visit their FAQ page.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Amanda R.
    Great addition

    I have been using the Gua Sha starter kit (stone + roller) for a few months. I've had my eye on this roller and was glad to add it to my tools. It is easy to use and feels good no matter which way you roll it. It feels so good, like the tension melts away. I really enjoy the ritual and the results.

    Gladys E.
    Amazing Tool - Great Roller!

    Super fast shipping and packaged beautifully. I love this tool, the roller part actually rolls and rotates, unlike other tools I’ve purchased from another brand. Wow, every tool I’ve purchased have been built with care and quality. The tool is weighty and both beautiful and functional.

    Ivy W.
    My holy grail

    My 1st was the jade neck massager and i love it. Whenever i need to clear the blockage around my nose as i have mild sinus, i will use this massager around my face and neck. I can feel my sinus cleaning. In addition, i also use it for my shoulder and upper arm as i do have some aches after badminton game. Somehow it does help to relive my muscles a little. Love it.

    Lucia W.
    Would buy for a friend!

    I feel like this is really helping with the tension I carry in my jaws. Massaging my face with this roller feels amazing!

    Lakshmi C.
    Love this tension melting massager!

    Love this tension melting massager! Shoulder/neck pain, jaw. I suffer with migraines and TMJ. I travel everywhere with this tool. Love :u1FA94: